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George A. Evans, Founder and Director


I am the founder of the internet-based ministry called Kingdom Worker Ministries, a ministry that aspires to increase awareness, improve understanding, deepen knowledge, and inspire those who have an ear to hear to a walk in truth of God’s word. We continually seek to walk in truth and no longer in loyalty to Churchianity, denominationalism, and traditionalism. We have become tired of the deceptions. We labor to eliminate contrary beliefs, misguided values, unethical practices, or overstated theologies. We analyze everything, with the intent to uncover all the Bible has to offer. We share from the Word those things that have been placed in our heart, not to question anyone’s beliefs, but to necessitate thought and verification by those who receive this ministry's message.

Personally, I enjoy combing through the Bible; seeking wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and truth from those mysteries (hidden truths) God has placed throughout his word for his children to find. I have many questions that need answers, so I seek truth as I search for those answers. I know somewhere in the quagmire of answers lies the truth, the truth and the knowledge that I am told by God to hunt for, look for, and seek. I have put away all fears, laid aside those traditional views, freed myself from my self-induced restrictions, and now I freely seek the truth. I have opened my mind to all possibilities, for I now know that truth is absolute and is not limited, nor opened to having more than one possible meaning or interpretation.

I am not traditional in my responses nor am I traditional in my acceptance of other’s responses either. Just because someone claims something is true, does not make it so. There must be solid scriptural evidence, chapter and verse, to support all claims, no matter the source. The truth is unequivocally complete, not capable of being viewed as partial or relative. I know that the truth comes directly from God who grants knowledge, understanding, and revelation.

I’ve unlearned all that I’ve learned, putting aside everything that I thought I knew, so that I can start anew, with no preconceived notions. I think outside of the box and have opened my mind not to the impossible, but opened my mind to the limitlessness of God. I believe everything important when it comes to the things of God, so there is nothing that is left to chance, no matter how trivial. You may not like or agree with what I have to say and that is fine because I understand that my message is not for all. However, I do know that my message is for those who have an ear to hear and those who want to go to the next level.

So, I challenge you, step outside of the box of traditionalism, free yourself from your self-imposed captivity, and free your mind from the one who specializes in trying to keep you in bondage. I also challenge you to seek truth and in your seeking, to seek knowledge, for they are an interesting combination to have with you. The scriptures say we be the light of the world, a glorious city set on the top of a hill gleaming for the world to see. For that reason, I be a new creature, a new creation, a worker together with God, helping to establish his covenant. Maintaining integrity is now more important than ever before as I am a representative of the kingdom. I be a Kingdom Worker.

Thank you so much for stopping by our website and by this page. I pray that you have found something on this website that has been or will be a blessing to you and that you will be the better for having found it. If this ministry has been a blessing to you, place share our website so that others may be blessed by it as well. Amen.

George A. Evans

Shelby Evans, Contributing Editor

Zac Evans, Graphic Designs

Benton "B. K." Evans, Contributing Editor

Rochelle Evans, Contributing Writer


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