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Welcome to
Kingdom Worker Ministries
A ministry for those who have an ear to hear


Welcome to the official website of Kingdom Worker Ministries. It is truly an honor and a privilege for us to have the opportunity to minister to you and to have this avenue to share from God’s divine word those things that have been placed in our heart. We are currently in the infancy stages of launching this ministry, something that God has been fine-tuning for several years now. Currently there are a lot of things coming together for this ministry as it leaves the good idea stage and heads toward the early planning stage.

We are an internet-based ministry that is currently in transition. While we have previously concentrated our efforts on establishing a presence in the virtual world, via social media, our ministry has been led to expand our outreach to include the traditional brick-and-mortar style of ministry. The one thing that you will notice about this ministry is that we are not your customary or old-style ministry. Follow us on this journey, and share your faith with ours, as we seek, what God has planned for our ministry.

Our ministry has been greatly influenced by Apostle Frederick K. C. Price and the Ever Increasing Faith Ministries out of Los Angeles, California. What we admire so much about the Apostle is his teaching style and his teaching methods. This is what has been laid on our heart to do, to teach. If you are familiar with his ministry, in any way, you may find some similarities to his teachings and his teaching style in this ministry. We are not saying that we are a carbon copy of his ministry, not that it would be a bad thing, but there is only one Apostle Price and only one Ever Increasing Faith Ministries. And to use our best English, we ain’t it.

Currently, we are studying under the influences of Andrew Wommack and the Andrew Wommack Ministries, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Jesse Duplantis and the Jesse Duplantis Ministries, located in Destrehan, Loiusiana, Kenneth Copeland and the Kenneth Copeland Ministries, located in Newark, Texas, and Creflo Dollar and the Creflo Dollar Ministries, located in College Park, Georgia. We greatly appreciate the teachings of Andrew Wommack and his desire to seek and share the truth of the gospel, a desire that we also share with his ministry. We also appreciate the ministry of Jesse Duplantis and his desire and his mission to share God’s message of salvation through Jesus Christ with the world, wanting everyone to have an opportunity to know the real Jesus, who is approachable, personable, compassionate, and full of joy. We also appreciate the ministry of Kenneth Copeland and his desire to mature believers in the use of their faith so that they can experience the fullness of the God's blessing by operating skillfully in God's Word to have divine healing, supernatural prosperity, and the God kind of love. And then there is our appreciation for the ministry of Creflo Dollar and his desire to preach the Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ with simplicity and understanding and to share grace-based teachings that will help the born-again believer grow in his or her identity as a beloved and righteous child of God. You may also find some similarities to their teachings in our ministry, but again we are not saying that we are a carbon copy of any of these ministries either, not that it would be a bad thing as well. We again say, there is only one Andrew Wommack, one Jesse Duplantis, one Kenneth Copeland, and one Creflo Dollar and we ain't either of them.

Please know that we do not limit ourselves to just the teachings of these great men of God. We seek truth through many resources, but these ministries have had the greatest impact on our ministry and our desire to seek and share the truth of the gospel. We would also like to acknowledge the Church For All organization for their awesome contributions to the kingdom of God. They provide a wealth of resources, such as daily devotions, Bible reading plans, audio teachings, articles, and helps that you may find interwoven into parts of our ministry.

Our ministry offers a series of products and resources that are designed to increase your awareness, to improve your understanding, to deepen your knowledge, and to inspire you to walk in truth. Through them we desire to impart knowledge that will enable you to discern the truths hidden in God’s word (Ezekiel 44:23) and to provide validation to those who have an ear to hear his word (Ephesians 4:29). Check them out under our Products and our Social Media tabs on the side menu bar.

We trust that what you have read thus far has ministered to you. We also would like to thank you for visiting our website. If you find that we have been a blessing to you, please share our site with others so that they may be blessed as well. All that we do, we do for the glory of God, we do for the work of the kingdom, and we do to establish his covenant, in the matchless name of Jesus.


For the body is one, comprised of many members and being many, the members collectively are one body. It is by the one Spirit that we, being many are baptized into one body; for this body is not one but a collective. So it is with Kingdom Worker Ministries, we are many individual members joined together as one, one worker for the kingdom (I Corinthians 12:12-14).